Why you need me

Transactional Email Deliverability
Your transactional emails don’t arrive. Your clients are stuck waiting for emails they expect to receive yet never do. Password reset, confirmation of payment, confirmation of purchase, digital download links; there is a vast list of types of transactional email that simply do not make it to your clients. The bottom line is your bottom line. Transactional email is often mission critical and a fail here will directly impact your revenue stream as well as your business reputation.

Marketing Email Deliverability
Month after month you have marketing campaigns being sent that have very little engagement. The campaign reports say they were delivered but are they really? What’s the issue here? You read everywhere about the 38:1 ROI that email should bring but you are not seeing anywhere near that. In short, you need help.

Business Email Deliverability
Pick up a phone and you connect straight away. Write out an email and your message has checks and balances it needs to pass before delivery. If your business email is not ticking all the boxes it is not going to be delivered to where it matters. That new lead from a conference this week will never get to hear from you as your email wastes away in their spam filter, hitting your business where it hurts.

How I will work with you

Full Deliverability Auditing
– A thorough review from a holistic viewpoint of all your company email policy and practices
– Subsequent report and roadmap proposal to achieve your desired results
– Oversee the implementation of policy that will insure your transactional, marketing and business email align and are in harmony, one element can drastically affect another

Transactional Email
– Work with your teams to identify the dependencies on transactional and take a deep dive into any existing setups
– Review processes and provide advice on how to get your transactional emails into the inboxes of your customers
– Design and build out of transactional campaigns that follow all the best practice guidelines

Marketing Email
– Successful campaign planning that will bring change and the way you view the importance of your email campaigns
– Staff training in the best practices that will enable them to carry on the work and success
– Cleanup of lists and implementation of proper list hygiene practices and true segmentation

Business Email
– Insure the proper DNS, SPF, DKIM and DMARC implementation
– Review your infrastructure, policy and existing practices looking for problem areas and possible conflicts
– Look closely at how sales teams are running lead campaigns to insure compliance with best practices and any data privacy laws

What we will achieve together

As a business
My ultimate aim is to bring about cultural change from the top down with regards to the way businesses view email and operate in this space. This is a medium that is often misunderstood and underestimated at a technical level. The result is a tainted view of the true capabilities of what can be achieved, and ultimately a serious loss of potential revenue and profit.
However I will settle for getting your business needs fixed first!

Transactional Email Deliverability
My job is complete when I have your messages going to where they need to be, the inbox of your user/client/subscriber, and this is what we will achieve. I will also leave your business with ongoing practices and knowledge to prevent a relapse of any solved issues and also a phone number they can use, or an inbox they can mail to if they have any questions that may pop-up.
Most importantly for you as a business owner or manager, you’ll have transactional email that works and will soon see the monetary return on the investment you made in my services.

Marketing Email Deliverability
Your positive metrics will be up, your campaigns being interacted with and revenue attributable to those campaigns will be flowing. Great results are achieved when marketing emails get to where they need to be in order to be opened. Even better results are achieved when those campaigns hit those who want them. Your lists will be full of subscribers who will want to interact with your email, not with unwilling recipients who will simply ignore you for months on end before reporting you as spam.
This is an area that I excel at, but to get here you will have needed to have bought in to the ideas that I bring, some of which can be hard to swallow by many. But the results will speak for themselves and your email marketing will become one of your most important and profitable channels. As if that was not enough you’ll have your in-house team trained and more than capable of maintaining and improving the results further.

Business Email Deliverability
When my mission is over your business email will always be hitting your recipients inboxes and your business domain reputation will be impeccable. Your teams will understand the importance of maintaining clean and proper best sending practices and the processes will be in place to insure any new hires know this from the get go.

A little bit about me…

My first foray into email was back in 1999 when I was tasked with the design, build and roll out of a Microsoft Exchange 5 email system for a large Japanese corporate. This was truly a baptism of fire that a young 22 year old me took on without a care in the World. The project lasted 3 years and by the end of it I had gained a firm understanding of the technicalities and nuances of email, delivery and everything else that goes with it.

In subsequent years I have taken on a large variety of IT projects but no matter what happens I always find myself gravitated back to email, usually by pure chance and I’ve come to think that most likely it is by fate.

The last 6 years have resulted in 5 years of work inside two of the largest Central European Email Service Providers (ESPs) and a regular attendance at a number of industry summits and events, the most important to me personally being M3AAWG. It is here that I have really expanded my knowledge and understanding whilst also confirming a ton of long held beliefs about the workings of email. It is through M3AAWG that I built up a network of friends and key industry associates, and most importantly expanded my knowledge in ways I never thought would be easily achieved.

It is from this experience that I now draw on to better help businesses across many industries deal with emailing issues. I invite you to please read on and see how I may be of service to you, how I may turn your problems around and deliver a first class service.

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